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Our value for money comprehensive professional fees, reflect the high quality of care we provide, based on 35+ years of clinical experience leading to successful treatments and improvement to your foot health concerns, which we achieve at Achilles-Centre. We use modern clinical technology where beneficial. We can confirm the cost of a course of treatment after we have assessed your foot health needs at first visit. We offer advice tailored to your foot health needs and lifestyle – often backed up by notes. (Fees range from £36 to £150+).


Below are an examples of charges.
We have a comprehensive chart at the clinic, which we will discuss and agree once your full needs are assessed.

Initial Assessment, Registration, Oral Advice only


Initial new patient assessment treatment 30 mins


Initial new patient assessment treatment 45 mins


Initial new patient assessment treatment 60 mins


Subsequent podiatry consultation 30mins


Subsequent Therapy manipulate/massage/Laser 20 mins


Initial Biomechanic Assessment, Physio Treatment & exercise programme / advice 90 mins


The fees include a general health, foot and leg examination which we are professionally required to do to provide safe care. We will agree a treatment plan with the patient. This Clinical Standard is used for each patient, whether it be yourself , your child, family member or the person you care for. This usually takes 5 to 10 minutes.

Consultation fees are due prior to treatment at each visit, before we start the agreed package of  care. Any extra care or supplies [eg creams, dressings] will need to be paid for before leaving our clinic. We accept cash, bank transfers, faster payments by mobile and cheques. Receipts can be provided.

The fees structure ensures that the costs of running a professional podiatry service are fully covered, standards are maintained and practice development can occur in the short, medium and long term. After all costs of running the premises and service have been covered, tax and VAT paid, we aim to receive a reasonable professional income and be able to contribute to a pension / retirement scheme.

Each year Paul supports various charities including: Children’s Hospice (Hope House), Sense (for Multisensory Impaired people with hearing and visual impairment), Mencap (for people with learning disabilities) donating money and his time.